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Our Open Data Policy

Our definition of Open Data is information (data) that anyone can access, use, distribute, modify and share for any purpose without any technical, financial or legal restrictions. For transparency and accountability, NAMLCFTC gives everyone — developers, researchers, media, and the public — access to its data.

When you use the data, it is important to mention the document’s source and follow any copyleft licence requirements.


What is copyleft?

A copyleft licence allows anyone to freely copy, modify and distribute intellectual property (IP) under the terms stated.

Where a copyright licence restricts the freedom to copy, modify, and distribute IP, a copyleft licence provides this freedom.

We encourage you to share your opinion and feedback on the open data we provide through our surveys, polls, and social media.


Our promise to you

We will provide:

  • Open data on NAMLCFTC’s services, activities and information of general interest.
  • As much raw and real-time data as possible, covering several years.
  • Data that is simple to read, access, adjust and reuse.
  • Open data file formats that allow ‘copy-paste’ or download directly.
  • Information about the type, size and publishing date of files.
  • The download time of specific files.
  • Clear instructions on how you can access our open data through different links to forums, blogs, social media accounts and documents.


Reusing our Open Data

All website visitors have the right to view, use and re-use the open data and files on our data pages. It is important to follow the guidelines below whenever you use any of NAMLCFTC’s open data – such as:

  • Mentioning the source to ensure and maintain ownership, reliability and validity; and
  • Providing a link to the specific information on NAMLCFTC’s platform. This will uphold the intellectual property of the data used.
  • Information subject to other intellectual property rights, such as patents and trademarks, is not permitted to be published.
  • Open data must not be used to mislead the public or act in ways potentially considered unlawful.
  • NAMLCFTC is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages that could arise from the use of the open data provided on this website.
  • NAMLCFTC will not be accountable for any loss of income, reputation, work, computer breakdown, wrong operation or any other damages that may arise from using the open data.


Our terms and conditions of using open data

  • NAMLCFTC follows the guidelines of the UAE Federal Open Data Licence and the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, making sure the terms and conditions for all published material are met.
  • All published content must state the source of the original material.
  • No personal data (such as IDs, passports or national identity) can be used in open data.
  • The open data published does not include content that is part of other intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks.
  • All users must be able to access and use original material.